What is SAFER CALL ?

SAFER CALL is a physically informed film, proven to protect the human body from the effects of harmful forces when using mobile communication devices .


SAFER CALL is a technical innovation.

SAFER CALL is medically and physically tested.

SAFER CALL is proven to work as a result of its unique programming.

SAFER CALL is tested and recommended by the IGEF. ( International Society for Electrosmog and Research, Germany)

The protective effect of SAFER CALL© has been demonstrated by the following measurement and analytical procedures:

Extract from the report (Summary in the original text):

The evidence of the protective effect of SAFER CALL© protection sticker from electromagnetic radiation exposure was performed by measurement of various biological processes.

First dark field microscopy by Naturheilpraxis Scheller, Bad Reichenhall - During a telephone conversation with SAFER CALL©  there is no- "rouleaux formation"-  of  blood-platelets caused  by the electromagnetic radiation.

Second study with EEG ( biofeedback) - The majority of the measurement diagrams show a significantly lower increase in EEG activity during the call with the SAFER CALL© protection sticker.

Third study using the biofeedback method - When using SAFER CALL© protection sticker the increase in skin conductance -which means an increase of stress- in  all test-subjects less than 10%

The studies were conducted by doctors and physicists and commented accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q: How long lasts the effect of SAFER CALL?

A: SAFERCALLs effects are continuous. The information is permanently attached on to the SAFERCALL Only when physically damaged or heavily bent can the effect of the sticker be reduced or cancelled.

Q: Are there any side effects when using SAFER CALL ?

A: No side effects are known from using SAFER CALL. Because the harmonization of electromagnetic fields takes place outside the body, no primary deterioration is to be expected through metabolic change. The frequencies programmed on to the sticker are natural and have no negative impact on the human organism. The reception of the Handphone is not affected.

Q: How do I notice the effect of SAFER CALL?

A: SAFER CALL users report that they experienced no more- or dramatical less headaches, nausea, nor loss of energy or nervousness even after longer phone calls.

The protection sticker SAFER CALL is Made in Germany and based on a new invented Information technology to protect against high-frequency and electromagnetic radiation emitted from

mobile phones,

cordless DECT telephones,

baby listening devices

and radio equipment

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WIKIPEDIA, the free encyclopedia

"Mobile phone radiation and health concerns have been raised following the enormous increase in the use of wireless mobile telephony throughout the world(as of August 2005, there were more than 2 billion users worldwide).This is because mobile phones use electromagnetic waves in the microwave range. These concerns have induced a large body of research (both epidemiological and experimental, in animals as well as in humans). Concerns about effects on health have also been raised regarding other digital wireless systems, such as data communication networks

The results, so far,have been controversial: the majority of epidemiological studies have not found any clear indication of short and medium term health hazards. On the other hand there is extensive literature (see "The Stewart Report" for a survey) on so-called non-thermal effects of weak microwave radiation on biological tissue in animal models or in-vitro, including affecting the growth of certain tumors, cell death, increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier, DNA damage and others, which suggest the possibility of adverse health effects in humans.

The rate at which radiation is absorbed by the human body is measured by the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), and its maximum levels for modern handsets have been set by governmental regulating agencies in many countries.In the USA, the FCC has set a SAR limit of 1.6 W/kg for most parts of the body. "(Excerpts are taken from WIKIPEDIA, the free encyclopedia.)

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