Health solutions for a new generation:

Our environment has dramatically changed in the last years and we are exposed to the highest technical and artificial radiation and pollution since mankind, therfore new health solutions are needed. Please have a look at the left side, to find out about the products.

Ray Guard: scientifically proofen solution against radiation & e-smog, Made in Switzerland

Enzymed: Enzymed Pulsating Magnetic Resonance Systems, Made in Germany

Mediwave: Soundwave therapy device, Made in Germany

SAFERCALL: The ultimate Mobile phone Protection sticker, Made in Germany

BioNrgy Water: Energized and Healthier Water, Made in Switzerland

Portable PEMF devices: Researched and developed by Dr Ludwig, Germany

Combined Low Level Laser device: Cepes

Medilight: a boon for Allergy sufferers, Made in Germany

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This in fact "scares" me personally whenever I see children on their phones or smart phones. Their  thinner skull gets easily penetrated by that microwave emitting " device called mobile phone".