Ray Guard, protects the cells from electro-smog.

Did you know...

  • ... that many illnesses and complaints are caused by electronic smog?
  • ... that measurements of electromagnetic fields clearly reveal much lower values at the lung and allergy meridian when RayGuard devices are used?
  • ... that there is demonstrable proof that RayGuard fully compensates for dangerous electromagnetic rays?
  • ... Doctors, Researchers and companies endorse RayGuard equipment, recommend it to patients and use it themselves?

There is an ancient saying in Ayurveda ( 5000 years ago ):

" what we see is less, what we cannot see is more"

RayGuard Body Ideal for people on the road, and best if carried close to your body, or handphone As our visible environment gets more and more polluted and the technical progress reaches new levels, the invisible radiation becomes more. Computer, cell phones, wireless technologies leave a fingerprint on our bio electrical organism. (Electro-smog)

Also we are living no more "grounded", especially in big cities. Living area is expensive and we live in smaller units where our environment is mostly concrete / cement. The radiation in - and around our houses causes an invisible micro pollution. Our sensible organism reacts stressful in many ways - mostly with diseases, allergies, hyperactivity or burn out. see the researches done by Dr Doepp, Germany (Download PDF File)

The Ray Guard protects our cells from electro-smog and is scientifically proven by the university CNR of Bologna, Italy. (Download PDF File)

RayGuard SP1

RayGuard SP1 has been outlined for the mobile use. You are advised to carry it close to your body day and night, respectively it should not placed farther away from you than two meters. Under these conditions, RayGuard SP1 offers optimal protection. Within a few hours, your energy system returns to normalcy, the basic requirements for an improved physical condition are fulfilled. Also you can put RayGuard in front of your computer.

Rey Master protects body and cells from Electro SmogRayGuard SP2

RayGuard SP2 serves as a stationary protection against electromagnetic radiation in the residential and office area. It functions in the same way as the type SP1, but within a field of activity of 15 meters in diameter. It is ideal also for offices and companies, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and kindergarden.

RayGuard Car protects you on the roadThe latest Ray Guard Body and RayGuard Car

Ideal for people "on the road", and best if carried close to your body, or handphone. Can be used as a keyring as well.

The effect of all devices is not adversely affected by partition walls, surfaces of glass, etc.

Image: Ray Guard Body.

Read more about the protecting / harmonizing effects of RayGuard on water. Remember that 70% of our human body consists of water.

RayGuard Body

Ray Guard Body and Car


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