Naturopathic Health CARE (N.H.C.)

Centre for Alternative Medicine Research & Education

N.H.C. is serving in Singapore and in the SEA-region since 2004.

We offer the following services:

*Naturopathic, holistic consultation and treatment in clinic

 Ayurveda pulse diagnostics

 *  The latest non-invasive medical equipment for clinics, homes, spas

 Mediwave Sound wave Therapy / Enzymed PEMF device

*Scientifically tested solutions to protect from unnatural & harmful ElectroMagneticFields (RayGuard, SaferCall) 

* Environmental Medicine consultancy

 *Environmental solutions for offices and houses to increase harmony & wellbeing


   Geo biology or dowsing : looking for the "stress" places in your house

"Prevention is better than cure"

Treat the root cause of any disease on the cellular level - and the symptoms will disappear:        

Do you know the greatest miracle in life:" Its YOU and your miraculous body !"  

 You are as healthy as your cells - if your cells are healthy - you are healthy.                    

Blood cells

Kidney stone-cells

Nerve cell