Seminars / Workshops:

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*** Stress management, Relaxation techniques, Anti Aging naturally, Autogenic training ***

Dr Schuessler Biochemistry

Tissue Salts for children

Tissue Salts - Basics 1

Tissue Salts - Basics 2

Tissue Salts - for Therapists only, with certificate.

Ayurvedic Hand Reflexology

Health in your Hands - 1

Health in your Hands - 2


PMFT -Energy medicine - Therapists and Physicians only, with certificate.

Survival strategies for the 21st century

Dr Michaels latest seminars which include a vast amount of the knowledge he has gained over the last decade. Learn easy to integrate health tipps for your "healthy living" in our fast paced society.

Discover the truth about allergies, insomnia, eczema, STRESS and aging, and learn how to achieve a great level of energy and health.   

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