Here are some beneficial tips not only to fight electro-smog:

  • Wear 100% cotton clothes, try to avoid nylon, polyester.

  • Do not sit too long in front of Computer or PC, stand up or stretch and move around every 30-45 min

  • Use laptop without plug in cable, on battery mode.

  • Be careful when you use it on your laps, avoid using it there too long hours, better use it on a table.

  • Prefer wooden desks and chairs, or plastic. Avoid metal chairs and metal tables.

  • Sit always with 2 legs grounded on the floor, do not cross the legs.

  • Exercise, TaiChi, Dance, Move, Yoga, Autogenic training

  • Do Hand Acupressure 2-3 times a day,check palms for the tender spots,
  • Leavy Green plants are good, close to your computer, they will take away a part of the radiation.

  • Use a quartz crystal or a tourmaline in front of your computer.

  • Walk in nature as often as you can, and 20-30 min brisk walk is sufficient a day.

  • Use an outside antenna and inbuilt microphones and speakers, when you are in a car. Do not drive and phone similar.

  • Shower after work or at least before going to bed. This will ease the stress-tension built up during the day.

  • Do not put mobile phones, chargers, loudspeakers, or computers, TV, electrical alarm-clocks close to your bed and especially head at night.

  • Bedroom should be as simple as can be. The bed is better in wooden frame, no metal frame.

  • Switch off all fuse and plugs at night. Turn down standby-s. Plug out. ( there is always radiation , so you need to plug out, esp in the sleeping room )

  • Children should avoid Hand-phones. (see Strait Times Article , and researches by English Government.)

  • Use Handphones smart, cut short your calls and avoid unnecessary calls.

  • Switch off mobile phones at night, or at least do not have them in your bedroom.

The use of RayGuard has been scientifically proven in harmonizing the negative impact of (esp.skalar-waves) radiation and protecting the cellular metabolism.

Learn how to test every substance/ supplement before you consume it! 

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Food/ Drinks

  • Avoid Microwave cooked food and water.

  • Do not stand too close to microwave, mostly they are leaking. ( Radiation)

  • Eat fresh cooked food whenever you can. Prefer also a lot of green leaf veggies.

  • Do not drink ice water / ice cold drinks during or immediately after food intake.

  • Eat lots of fruits, but not immediately after food. Eat fruits as an extra serving either before food or as an extra dish 1-2 hours after meal. Avoid ice .

  • Drink a lot of plain lukewarm water ( 2 liters a day), preferably not distilled.

  • For every cup of coffee or green tea you drink, drink the same amount of plain water.

  • Seek a professional Naturopathic Doctor, or an integrated medical practitioner .

  • Let us work together and set up your individual food guidelines based on Ayurveda.