Electro-biology and Geo-biology

With our fast developing technical progress in society, we also create a huge amount of nonbiological, technical radiation, which is artificial and therefore harmful to our body’s own electromagnetic field.

In our "e"- age, (e like electric) where we spend most of the time in front of computers, communicating by e-mail, conference calls and webinars, cellphone SMS, and through wireless technology, we are exposed to the highest technical radiation since ever. The new word-creation in Europe: "e-smog", which means electro smog, (or electro haze) says it all. Additionally in Europe the latest researches are speaking already of typical mobile-phone symptoms for children ( Hyperactivity, Behaviour problems, ADHS ). We have to face this new challenge by creating public awareness and giving education in a proper use of our beloved gadgets, like cell phones, laptops, bluetooth, microwave and so on.

As a member of the DGG Germany, which is the Association of Professional Radiesthesia and Building Biology, I have done a lot of researches and case-studies in electro-biology, geomancy, and the effects of radiation, electro-smog, and geopathic stress as additional burden on the human organism.

What is Geopathic stress? Geopathic stress occurs when your house, or the place where you spend most of the time (esp the sleeping area) is built under a underground watercourse (waterveins), caves or sinkholes / faultlines. The German Baron von Pohl has analyzed the close connection of geopathic stress as one major trigger for cancer in the early 20's century.


This is a new approach on integrated healthcare diagnostics by detecting how electrosmog/ electrostress and environmental stress  disturbs our fine body electric field. Any therapist has to consider these facts as well, as we are facing much more electrosensible patients in our clinics. The number of people who react hypersensitive to electro-smog is continuously increasing.

We are offering a new exciting e&g Health Care Service :

Increase your personal harmony & well-being in your house and the effectiveness in your workplace. Detecting, analyzing and NEUTRALIZING the environmental stress factors in your office and house. Once the cause factors are neutralized, you will experience a better,  stress-free living, better sleep, less fatigue, more energized and more focused on your working place.

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