...if the reception is worsened inside a car, means the signals send out by the mobile phone to reach the next antenna, has to be stronger, thus emitting a higher SAR value inside the car.


Just because a cellphone is out of sight doesn’t mean you’re out of danger! Many women choose to carry their cell phones in a purse/ handbag, unaware of the microwave radiation penetrating their vital organs.

Facts you may not be aware of.

1.Your cell phone emits its highest out put levels of radiation just "BEFORE" it rings!

2.Your cell phone sends intermitted burst of radiation even while in Stand-By mode. (every 20 minutes)

Female cell phone users in their child bearing years need to consider possible health effects to fetal development and limit RF/EMF exposure!

It’s very simple to address the problem of carrying a cell phone safelyin a handbag or purse near your body. Just keep RayGuard in the bag to harmonize the unwanted effects of radiation from you! and protect your own phone with SAFERCALL.

Men should be equally concerned because a cell phone user wearing a cell phone on their beltor in a pocket to reduce exposure to the brain is only increasing exposure to the torso and reproductive organs. Put a Rayguard in the pocket for the general radiation effects and protect the phone with SAFERCALL.

Think using a cellphone headset will protect you alone... Think Again! Lets not forget to mention that using an unshielded Hands Free headset is no different than sticking the antenna in your ear!

Faraday cage in a train: One does not have to be a cell-phone user to become exposed to the radiation. You could be living near a base-station thats beaming the radio waves at you. Or you could be exposed as a passenger on a crowded train full of mobile phone users.

Tsuyoshi Hondou, a physicist from Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, currently working at the Curie Institute in Paris, calculated that in a typical Japanese railway carriage with mobile phone users surfing the net, the radio waves rebounding from the metal wall of the carriage would give an electromagnetic field that could exceed the maximum exposure level recommended by the International Committee for Non-Ionising Radiation (ICNIRP), even when the train is not crowded.

We highly recommend the usage of RayGuard devices for a general protection at the workplace, homes or when travelling. SAFERCALL is the ultimate solution for radiation emitting from your mobile or DECT phone.