Naturopathic HealthCARE: Our Mission

1. Helping you - to reach and maintain optimal health and energy.

2. Serving you - through consultation, treatment and education.

3. Supporting you - with the best and safest natural therapies, to gain more energy & quality of life.

Prevention - is always better than cure! Unfortunately most of us think about our own health only when there is a body-related problem. (...and we forget easily about the unity of Body, Mind, Soul). When our body is no longer "functioning" as we are used to, we ask ourselves : "what to do now?" ... Wouldn’t it be way smarter to know earlier about prevention of diseases, about your own unique individual health constitution and how to live life in a balanced energy status (physically and mentally) ? Therefore you need to know more about yourself, as you are an individual and unique human being.

Our main treatment protocols are based on Cell -Energy-Medicine, which is the latest scientific approach in Biophysics, Bio-informative and Quantum medicine. Most of the devices we use in  therapy or recommend for home usage are latest state of art technology and made in Germany.

"What patients want is relief from disease, what kind of treatment is of no importance."             Dr M.B.Prabhu