Enzymed -PEMF Energy Resonance Therapy- as seen on TV. Channel U, ESPN, Golf Inside.

A human body consists of 70 trillions of cells and they are the powerful building blocks for our body. Their main task is to provide energy for all our daily activities. If your cell is healthy - you are healthy.

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Energy Medicine - using insights of Nobelprize winners

"Everything in life is vibration", Albert Einstein

Electro-therapy has been used since many years to create therapeutic effects. Devices like Ultrasound, TENS, and others you will find nearly in every clinic today. Latest scientific reseachers have combined the knowledge from physics and medicine to create a fascinating new therapy.

This state of the art equipment manufactured by a well established German medical company uses Low Level Resonance Magnetic Fields in a physiological form. The very weak biological currents produced by a medical device make sure, that the electric potential at the membranes of our body cells with an energy deficiency is restored, thus re-energizing cellular metabolism. In easy words this is like recharging the batteries. All devices have passed the high German Medical Products Law and  the manufacturing company is  TUV and CE approved as well.


Results in clinics - Medicine of the future

PMFT shown to be useful in all acute and chronically diseases. Without any side effects and highly benefitial as the weak pulsating magnetic fields permeate the whole body without harmful side effects and reaches all cells. Short treatment times from 8 minutes onwards and easy-to-use applicators makes this an ideal therapy for every clinic and even for home usage or treatment. It is well recognized for pain relief and a better blood circulation.

In Europe many progressive clinics use  PEMF Therapy. Modern medicine is also aware that the stimulation of the body’s own defense mechanisms is often the most successful approach. The natural, physiological healing powers of the body itself , the "inner doctor" often requires only a little support to be reactivated.

The treatment is used in clinics and rehab centers and is beneficial in:

  • Bone and Joint diseases
  • Osteoporosis – strengthening bone density
  • Sports-injury - acute and chronically
  • Arthrosis, Regeneration of cartilage
  • Back pain
  • Neurological diseases ( Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson,...)
  • Circulatory disturbances / Lymph blockages
  • Respiratory tract diseases ( Asthma, Bronchitis,....)
  • Metabolic diseases ( Diabetes, Gout, Ulcers ...)
  • Heart - and circulation problems and Prevention
  • Apoplexy / Stroke and Prevention
  • Skin problems ( Acne, Eczema)
New Study: Hemophilia cases and the succesful application with Enzymed.

Results in preventive and sports medicine and other experiences: Even "healthy" people, sportsmen, athletes and many golfers in Germany  do know about the beneficial effects of  PEMFT sessions before and after their performance. They use it regularly as a prevention, or as a "warm up" before physical performance, or simply to regenerate and relax after workout or any hard working day. It is the ultimate prevention therapy, because it increases the energy level on a very subtle and physiological way.

Treatment with Enzymed PMFT .

What is the difference to static permanent magnetic fields.?

Static magnetic fields as generated by common magnets, also have effects- of course. Our ancestors have used magnets successfully for treatments especially for pain relief, and many other complaints. Paracelsus, the great healer in the west, called magnets the "kings of healing." One reason: Our blood consists also of iron and can be influenced there fore with magnets. In Ayurveda and in TCM we have well documented the usage of magnets 3000 years ago. As the word says permanent, this magnetic force is always static present by using static magnets.

As we know, also all electronic devices create static magnetic fields. A computer operating with 50 Hz, creates a strong electric and electromagnetic field, which is permanent and static. This is an artificial, non-biological field and most people feel tired after working 8 hours in front of a computer.( in Germany we call it: "electro smog"  but it is invisible and present all the time )

The pulsating magnetic field therapy ( PMFT or PEMF) creates pulsating magnetic fields, similar for the body as if you would walk or exercise. It is stimulating the weak current at the cellular membranes, which activate the sodium potassium pump. The effect is that the cell gets better oxygen supply, a better intake of nutrients, and a faster blood flow. The therapeutic idea behind is to stimulate the cell, so that these cells low in energy get a better supply and are able to increase and even maintain a power level by themselves. It is like medication without pharmaceutical medication, even much better, because no harmful side effects. We have observed that after a series of treatments, the body is able to maintain and increase his energy level back to normal. But the main difference compared to static magnetic fields is: Our body does not gets used to it, not so with permanent magnets. (Our modern live in total is more or less static, so we strongly need energy flow. Phanta Rhey or All is in flux) With PMFT we are able to have high effective treatments in a very short time and with very low and subtle magnetic fields. Sometimes 800 times weaker than static permanent magnets! Even cartilage- and soft tissue has been able to regenerate under low level pulsating magnetic fields, as many studies have proven. ( Arthritis, Knee and Disc complaints, ) These and many other effects make this treatment so valuable and a breakthrough in medical science for the future understanding and treatment of diseases. Remember: If your cells are healthy-you are healthy.

PEMF therapy has been successful since nearly 20 years in Europe also the FDA in the US approved the therapy.

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" The use for PEMF to remedy a wide range of various diseases and mental illness is not commonly known by general medical doctors because it is still not currently part of the standard curriculum offered by medical universities in North America. The general public learns about this form of therapy via the internet when looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals, surgery and radiation. In Nov. 2011, the use of consumer PEMF mats were brought to the attention of millions of North American TV viewers who watched the Dr.OZ - [2] show that featured several PEMF devices. This episode is considered by industry insiders to be the watershed moment for the re-introduction of electromagnetic field therapy into North America."

NHC PEMF reported general effects USA.pdf

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As with every therapy, we strongly recommend that you need to consult an expert or your health professional  to get a proper advice and see whether that therapy is benefitial  for you. Additionally we provide an assessment with each and every patient . So please contact us for more information and your personal case.