Human body - the most perfect "machine" in Nature

From TCM and Ayurveda we know that our human organism is "a perfect self-regulating system" and  a bioelectromagnetic cell compound. These discoveries of Nobel Award Winners many years ago, need to be respected and recognized in our pharmaceutical western school medicine as well.

We are living in a fascinating age, where we are able to proof the wisdom of ancient traditional medical systems like Ayurveda or TCM.  By using highly sensible technical equipments, even the flow of CHI in a room can be measured, as a french scientist found out. Of course this device is ultra sensible and also very expensive. Recently the photographic proof of the existence of the "meridians (TCM and Ayurveda) has been achieved.

Insights of Nobel Award Winners in Physics:

Albert Einstein:
"Everything in Life is vibration."

Werner von Heisenberg:
"Electromagnetic energy is the fundamental energy upon which the whole life of an organism depends."

Physic Law:
"Wherever there is an electric current, there is an electromagnetic field around and vice versa."

We are surrounded by electromagnetic waves, if you look at the picture :

                                                                ^ this part only is our visible spectrum = Limitation of the 5 senses.

Our body is a self regulating bioelectric system.
Through medical progress we are able to measure fine impulses shown in graphs on the EEG and ECG. Evidence: The flow of current means automatic an electromagnetic field around.

Insights from TCM:
The human body is an open energetic system, which is steadily in a process of energy regulation: a self regulating energetic system.

Insights from Ayurveda:
Our world consists of five elements, which are steadily in a changing and balancing process. If one of the 5 elements is in access or deficient, disease will occur. By a proper treatment of the root cause of a disease, all the other symptoms will go away.

We know today, through latest researches:
Our cells are in a constant communicating process with each other through very subtle frequencies or light. And light as well is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

How these insights are used in medicine:
Bioresonance, Bio-impedance, EAV, Biograph and Prognos diagnostic systems, they all use fine subtle currents to provoke our energetic system and to find out, where is an abnormality in the energy flow (electrical response). Nearly the same technique but with much higher doses of radiation is done with ultrasound, x-rays and even in highest strength and radiation with Computer tomogram or MRI.
Clearly an evidence, that we/our body react on electric/electromagnetic fields.

What is Radiation:
Radiation is everywhere. We have to differentiate between biological and technical artificial radiation.

Biological Radiation:
Sun and Sunlight, Earthmagnetic field, Body’s own electro-magnetic field (is also called by ancient medicine as : Aura, Chi, Prana, etc.)

Technical Radiation:
All kind of frequencies and waves emitting from our electrical products, Computers, Handphones, Microwaves, Radio waves,DECT phones, High frequency Antennas, and many more.

Imagine our body internal functions:
Communication from brain to organs is via subtle electro frequency impulses. Ex: a pacemaker conducts with 0.8 micro Ampere, this is 0.000 008 Ampere. (Our Houses are secured with 40 Ampere.!!!)
These biological processes in our self regulating body can be easily disturbed by technical, strange artificial fields, as many studies worldwide have shown.

Effects on human body? Think about:

  • Why in a x ray clinic they are using lead shirts to cover the therapists?
  • Why in a hospital you are not allowed to switch on mobile phones?
  • Why at gas filling stations there is a sign saying "no mobile usage allowed"?
  • Why you are able to see a call ( through interferences on your desktop) even before your phone is ringing if you sit in front of a computer and your mobile is lying next to it?
  • Why your eyes and /or your body feels tired after an 8 hour computer session?
  • Why you feel more relaxed when you take off your nylon/polyester clothing ?
  • ...And have you experienced the lightnings when you take off your nylon shirts in the dark? Electro statics.

We are influenced by nearly everything as everything as well has its own vibration.