Dr Michael Billmann (DAM ) is available for public seminars, corporate workshops, Health talks and Media Interviews.

Some events / media appearance:

Youtube video channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/sanatio888

March 2004: TV Channel U, Topic: Chronique fatigue syndrome

June 2004: 1st International Holistic congress in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Speaker: Topic: "Energy Medicine"

July 2004: Health talk, Bangkok

May 2005: TV Channel U: Topic Sterile Home, Environmental medicine

July 2005: TV Channel U: Topic: Electro stress and Radiation

August 2005: Corporate Retreat-seminar in Phuket, Topic: The body electric, Magnetism, Acupressure techniques, Relaxation techniques.,

Oct 2005: Singapore Army: Environmental medicine and EMF dangers

Feb 2006: Lions Club East, Talk: Environmental medicine

Aug 2006: Radio 938 Live, Topic: Natural and environmental medicine

Sept 2006: Health talk for launch of Organic Health food company, Singapore

Nov 2006:Media: Golf Inside: In the flux of Health, Enzymed therapy for Golfer problems

Dec 2006: TV ESPN PEMF and Golfers health, see the vid on youtube

March 2008: Straits Times" Ayurveda and Diabetes".

May 2008: Ngee Ann Poly Talk " Naturopathy is more "

June 2008: The unhealthy effects of  EMF- radiation on the body.

Oct 2008 :  Publication in German magazine about PulsatingResonanceTherapy

Nov: 2008 : Athens, Greece, Military-Health Ministry: EMF and the negative effects on the human body

Mar 2009: Speaker at Holistic World Conference, Chiang Mai Thailand. Topic: Electro-stress

Oct  2009: International Homeopathic Conference, Malaysia.

Publications / Co-author:

Jan 2006:  How sterile should we live?

June 2006:  Her World: Organic food and products.

Dec 2006: Interview about Electro stress, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Oct 2008:  PEMF and Stroke, Tipps from the experts, Germany

Freelance writer for "Health & Environmental medicine Issues" with" Impulse" - the Magazine for the German speaking community in Singapore.


The book "Hand-pressure technique for kids" is currently under editing.