What is the RayGuard:
The RayGuard technology is used for protection of against electrostress and is designed for mobile and statioonery usage. Ray Guards come in 3 different types and 3 different effective radius of protection.( follow the link for prices )
How does the Ray Guard work:
The patented technical construction has arisen from many years of research and the correct sequencing and mixing of high quality minerals and metals.
What are the effects of the Ray Guard:
The RayGuard protects the body against all types of electro-smog / electro stress and thus helps to restore the harmonious equilibrium in the human organism.The information flow from the brain to the organs and cells can take place again without hindrance. The self regulation of the body onceis once again ensured.
Are there scientifically tests:
Yes, there are several universities in Germany and Italy, which demonstrate the protecting effects of the RayGuard technology.
*Biometry Univ. Clinic Tuebingen: Statistical assessment: Significant difference in the negative effect of electrosmog on humans with and without RayGuard.
*CNR of Bologna: Experiments with the RayGuard and its cell protecting effects.
How do I recognize the effects of the RayGuard?
By wearing the mobile devices, you feel more energized.Some users report about better and easier breathing, less tiredness in front of computer works, relaxed feeling, more energy for activities after work!
Stationery unit in office: effectiveness in office increases, better focussing , better concentration, less tiredness.
Stationery unit at home: better sleep at night, more relaxed, no more waking up at night, fresher in the morning, Children are calmer, no more hyperactivity.

Will the RayGuard affect the reception of my mobile phone or WiFi wireless?
No, the patented technology in RayGuard is only focussing on transversal waves and longitidinala waves. In easy words, the RayGuard acts like a filter on a camera, which you use if there is high UV radiation or Sunlight. The RayGuard acts like an antenna and takes away and oscillates the electromagnetic waves in signals that are no more harmful for our body.
When will I feel the effects of RayGuard?
Immediately, the RayGuard is working once you wear it close to your body or are in the radius of effectiveness. Depending on your own sensibility, you might experience a deeper breathing or relaxing sensation. Some people report a tendency to tiredness in the beginning, which is similar to the effects in homoeopathy, where symptoms get worse first, before the healing process. In this case your liver is activated and working and detoxing.
How long lasts the effectiveness of RayGuard:
Lifetime, as there is no wear and tear. The RayGuard is working by its oscillating ability. For further information contact the authorized RayGuard dealers in your area.