The protective effect of SAFER CALL© has been demonstrated by the following measurement and analytical procedures:

Extract from the report (Summary in the original text):

The evidence of the protective effect of SAFER CALL© protection sticker from electromagnetic radiation exposure was performed by measurement of various biological processes.

First dark field microscopy by Naturheilpraxis Scheller, Bad Reichenhall - During a telephone conversation with SAFER CALL©  there is no- "rouleaux formation"-  of  blood-platelets caused  by the electromagnetic radiation.

Second study with EEG ( biofeedback) - The majority of the measurement diagrams show a significantly lower increase in EEG activity during the call with the SAFER CALL© protection sticker.

Third study using the biofeedback method - When using SAFER CALL© protection sticker the increase in skin conductance -which means an increase of stress- in  all test-subjects less than 10%


The studies were conducted by doctors and physicists and commented accordingly.

  World experts confirm the effect of Safer Call and recommend the product!  

Dr. Uwe Gerlach, Physiker Taunusstein, Germany :"By biological measurements, I could prove that the organism during phone conversation with SAFER CALL© subject to a much lower stress!"

Naturheilpraxis Scheller, Bad Reichenhall, Germany :"SAFER CALL© helps stabilize and improve viscosity of the blood of my subjects!"

Dr. Michael Billmann, Naturopath, Doctor of Alternative and Complementary Medicine :"Congratulation to SAFER CALL©"

The Facultad de Medicina of the University of Puebla in Mexico:"The protective effect of SAFER CALL© increases exponentially with the increase of duration of use."

Dark-field microscopy images of the blood

IGEF Certificate (PDF 1,2 Mb)

IGEF Expert Report (PDF 122 Kb)

Bioscan tests done in Singapore (complete report):

Bio Scan with comments: (click to enlarge)

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