BIONRGY = Bio-energy =  Biocurrent or Life force

As each one of us is an unique- individual being, I am not a friend of overall general recommendations. The medicine or supplements good for you, might be "poisonous" for someone else. In Ayurveda and TCM the disease is always treated by examining the persons constitution. After the consultation and tests we give you a personal recommendation, from which you will understand, why this is your actual problem, what is your individual life-constitution, what is important for you to get back into balance, and about the Do’s and Dont’s. (Imagine: sometimes even red wine is beneficial for someone, sometimes white wine and sometimes even better to take no alcohol.)


Tests with latest medical diagnostic devices like the Biograph, Prognos, Bioresonance or certain Biotensors are a key to high energy levels at any age. These revolutionary metabolic testing systems are based on TCM and have been developed during the NASA and Russian space programs. This is the innovative approach to a comprehensive holistic and integrated medical care. BioNrgy is a systematic diagnostic path and also perfect treatment indicated for any person.

Ayurvedic Pulse reading and other techniques are able to find the root cause of the problem in the organism.


With state of the art BioNrgy treatments, like Enzymed  Low Level Pulsating MagneticResonanceTherapy , CEPES Laser, or special oxygen therapies, we stimulate the "power plants"- the cells- of our body in a safe way and recharge the cell-batteries naturally. Moreover, the therapy is a cause oriented treatment - not symptom oriented. After a couple of treatments you will feel the difference:  most of our patients report more energy, alertness and even more relaxed.

Prevention - is better than cure