About Sanatio

When I founded my first clinic in Bavaria, Germany, I was searching for a name. In one of my study books the term sanatio was highlighted as originated from the latin word for healing. This was exactly the positive vibration I was looking for and so I registered my clinic SanatioVital Centre- a Healing and Vitality Center.

Meanwhile I found out, that SANATIO was actually one of the oldest medical healing and literature books and that there were some close similarities to my own personal experiences, studies in Alternative medicine, electrostress and BioNRGY approach. This book was written by:

Avicenna or Ibn Sina:

"Ibn Sina’s Kitab al-Shifa (Book of Healing) was a philosophical encyclopedia, covering a vast area of knowledge from philosophy to science. His philosophy synthesizes Aristotelian tradition, Neoplatonic influences and Muslim theology. Kitab al-Shifa ( Book of Healing ) was known as ‘sanatio’ in its Latin translation. Besides Shifa his well-known treatises in philosophy are al-Najat and Isharat. He classified the entire field into two major categories: the theoretical knowledge and the practical knowledge. The former included physics, mathematics and metaphysics, and the latter ethics, economics and politics. Avicenna, was one of most advanced philospher and integrated researcher in his period. He also studied several healing systems and put them together in his books, which have been for centuries the basis literature in Middle Age European medical Universities." ( excerpts from Wikipedia )


The Prayer to our Father in the original aramaic