Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine - Treatment and Diagnostic approach

A German Naturopathic Physician is similar to a general practitioner, except that theNaturopathic-practitioner uses herbs, homoeopathy and other natural remedies.

Dr Billmann does not prescribe chemical drugs. His main task is to help people prevent disease, taking into consideration the fact that everyone is a unique human being and has his or her individual weakness and strengths.

Who can consult a Naturopath?

Everybody – from children to elderly people. It does not matter if you feel healthy or you are suffering from any health problems.

What conditions does a Naturopath treat?

Michael Billmann's patients consult him about all kind of problems, from a simple cough to Sinuses, Asthma, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, etc. Simply put, a German naturopath is trained to handle the “A to Z” of medical conditions.  His treatments are holistic, safe and integrated.

Treatments given at Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Tanglin shopping center, 12#02.

How does a consultation / treatment look like

At Naturopathic HealthCare, we are treating all kind of health problems. Remember we are assessing the root cause of a disease:

  • Allergy
  • Asthma
  • Backpain , Chronic Pain ( Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis )
  • Bone & Joint Problems ( Osteoporosis, Sports-injuries, prolonged wound healing )
  • Sports and Golfer Problems, Tennis Elbow
  • Migraene, Headache
  • Skin and Hair Problems
  • Burn Out , Depression, Chronique Fatigue
  • Special Treatment for Children
  • Behaviour problems in children
  • ADHD
  • Sinusitis

Food & Nutrition Consultation:

  • Analysis of your individual Food Habits
  • Test for Food allergies
  • Nutrition and Dietary consultancy
  • Profile of Mineral deficit on a Hair-Analysis / Saliva-test base
  • Creating an individual food / nutrition plan according to your Ayurvedic type

Special Programs:

  • Weight loss
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Natural Anti-Aging Therapy (NAAT)
  • Seminars and Workshops, Education
  • Type-Specific Diet and Nutritional Counselling and Therapies
  • AcuCure
  • Vitamin, Antioxidant and Botanical Medicine
  • Environmental Medicine and Detoxification

But first of all, please understand:

Any chronical disease does not appear over night, it is the result of a life long wrong habit, wrong nutrition, even a wrong understanding passed from generation to generation. At Naturopathic HealthCare, our main goal is to support the body's own healing abilities. Strengthening the energy flow or life force ( Chi, Prana, Bioenergy ). Our organism is a self regulating and self maintaining system. Sometimes it needs just a "little input" ( Herbs, Minerals or Homeopathy) or releasing of energy blockages and the self healing forces take over the regime again. This will and can take time. There is a saying: " It took some time until the disease appeared and it will take some time until the symptoms are gone. " You have to be aware of this unwritten law. At Naturopathic HealthCARE we do not suppress symptoms with chemical pharmaceuticals, we assess the root cause and recommend accordingly.