Many studies worldwide proof that the subtle energy or electric field of our body can be easily stressed through high technical radiation. Be it the static 50-60Hz frequencies emitting from a usual household item , a computer or laptop or additionally the higher radiation in MHz and Giga Hz levels emitted from Mobile phone technology, Wireless, Bluetooth, etc...

Studies published recently in Germany as the REFLEX study done by Prof Adlkofer, or the NAILA study are only some of those worldwide researches.

Electro smog (e-smog) from computer and TV screens

Usually computer and TV screens generate radiation. Again these are invisible rays, which some sensible or electro-sensitive people are able to feel. Of course you cannot see, smell, or hear these electromagnetic frequencies as they belong to the spectrum of electromagnetic rays, which we human beings cannot experience with our 5 senses. (But if you put you HP closer to the screen, you will be able to see the reception of an sms, seconds before your HP receives the message, as an interference on your screen). Many animals have a wider range of sensual reception, for example bats, sharks, dogs and cats to a certain extend as well.

With some hi tech technical gadgets we are able nowadays to measure the amount of radiation emitted by an electrical object.

Dr Jes T.Y. Lim, the founder of Qi MAg institute explains: “that if a window is closed or there is no proper fresh air exchange, as we have it in colder countries or in very hot countries. “ (where the aircon is turned on everyday - creating by itself e-smog) a huge amount of electrosmog hangs in the rooms atmosphere.” The environmental facts to maintain a proper health are getting worse. “When inhaled in large quantities, electrosmog can cause allergies, lung problems and swelling of the face.”

I like to add, that it is through the radiation of artificial technical electromagnetic fields, that our own body electromagnetic field gets disturbed. In this case our body reacts with stress, which causes disorientation and if exposed for a long period – will cause diseases as this is a root cause factor..

It is not advisable to have a computer or TV in your bedroom. If this arrangement cannot be avoided, then before a person goes to sleep, open all the windows and allow fresh air to come in.

Most important: you have to unplug all electric appliances in your sleeping room before you go to bed.

“Electronic equipment also emit radio waves, microwaves and other harmful rays that attack the human aura (bodies own electromagnetic field) and can cause a general weakness of the immune system. Researchers in Canada and Britain have concluded that pregnant women who worked long hours in front of a computer had a higher chance of giving birth to deformed babies.

Intense radiation also comes from the back of the electrical appliances, like TV, Computer. It is not advisable to sit opposite the back of a TV or a computer. Experiments show, that the powerful radiation ( micro, electromagnetic and radio wave ) emitted by a TV penetrates the concrete wall of even 20 cm. (8in) The person staying in the adjacent room with his bed close to the wall, became so agitated, that he was unable to sleep throughout the night. He was unaware that there is a TV behind the wall.

Similar careful attention needs to be done with fridges and microwaves on the adjacent wall. I am talking especially about these places, where you usually stay for a longer period, which include: your sofa for watching TV, your favorite reading place, your office chair and … most important your own sleeping place.

Experiments carried out by the DGG in Germany showed, that especially the radiation of electromagnetic fields, which are penetrating everything without severe loss in strength, affected people in another room, even through the walls and glass panels about 5 meters away. A Handphone signal of a incoming call is measurable 15 meters away from the HP….

“Just imagine the harmful effects when a person is sitting unprotected, immediately in front of a computer or within 3 m (10 ft) of a TV that is switched on.” (Dr Jes T.Y. Lim, Feng shui and health )

As a rule of thumb:

Avoid 3 m (10 feet) around TV and Computer for longer resting phases.

Unplug the main cables in the sleeping rooms at night.

Switch off HP at night

Avoid plugged in cables if you do not use the equipment, especially HP chargers.

Unplug it if you do not use it.

No cables or extension plugs running under your bed or close to it

Do not sleep with your head close to a wall plug or a water pipe opposite wall (like in bathrooms, kitchens)

Do not sleep on spring coil mattresses, they conduct electricity

Do not have any metal parts in your bed frame. Change to a wooden frame, but make sure it is solid wood - no press wood.

Do not use quartz digital alarm clocks on your bed night table, especially close to your head. Buy a battery operated or a manually wind up clock.

Do not use dimming night lights close to your head

Avoid any TV, Computer, Fridges or aircon motors on the wall next or adjacent to your bedroom wall.

Avoid portable fans in your sleeping room; they are a perfect dust - and radiation emitter.

Especially in small bedrooms do not put any computers or TV’s. If you have, switch off, 10 minutes before you sleep unplug (no stand by mode) before you go to bed and let fresh air in. Light a candle (use tea lights they are save)

Avoid digital wireless house phones, if you need a phone close to the bed, install a normal old fashioned phone.

Childrens rooms special:

Avoid baby phones close to the head or better close to the baby. Use SAFERCALL sticker.

Avoid night lights for children close to their bed or head. Decide if you use a tealight candle instead in a safe distance from the baby cradle.

Avoid synthetic teddies or toys they conduct electricity and get charged easily.

Use Ray Guard devices or safercall technology if you want to be safer, or if you really mean you are getting back to stone age, by following these above mentioned advices.…

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