Results in preventive and sports medicine and other experiences

The secret of successful Golfers, Marathon runners, Athletes, Body-builders!

Even so called "healthy" people, sportsmen, athletes and many golfers in Germany know about the beneficial effects of  PMFT treatment before and after their performance. The regular use of ENZYMED has demonstrated and proven to achieve a better performance, better endurance, stamina improvement and prevention of sports injuries. In Rehab clinics the system is used for a faster regeneration after sports injuries. Even difficult to treat problems like Golfer and Tennis elbow, Knee problems (like Arthritis, Cartilage regeneration...) improve after a regular series of treatments.

Athletes use the ENZYMED therapy regularly as a prevention, as a warm up before performance, or simply to regenerate and relax after a hard work out day. It is definitely the ultimate prevention therapy, as it increases the cellular energy level on a very subtle and physiological way.

Treatment with ENZYMED is easy and fast. (8 min a day) The perfect investment for your health.

Easy to use in the privacy of your home. A safe natural and alternative therapy to improve health.

If your cells are healthy, you are healthy


Orthopedic Rehab clinic, Rosenhof, Germany

Sports medicine, Starnberg, Germany

Article taken from "inside Golf" Nov.2006