Water Energizing


70% of our body is water. So make sure, that the water you drink is clean and vitalized.

Energetic products help to bring more oxygen to the water and also to maintain a homoeostasis in our intra and extra cellular space. Energized or activated water gets a right spin.

After 80m pipeline, water is energetically dead, and has no more vivid qualities.

(Research Dr Kempe, Graz, Austria)

The water technology products are simple to handle and have "a surprisingly better taste" effect. It can be used for drinks, fruits, and all water containing substances as well.

Tests: Purquell Tab water tests Vienna.pdf

Did You Know:

Water is an information carrier and reacts to everything.

Dr Masaru Emoto has done wonderful work to demonstrate the memory of water.

A Photographer from Austria, Guenter Schoen, has pictured the resonance and the reaction of water on its environment. www.alfafoto.at  for more .

Water exposed to Mozart Classical music:


Water exposed to Heavy Metal music:

Water exposed to Frank Sinatra: Everybody loves somebody :

Water heated in microwave: 


Why not microwave food 

Water exposed to the word or picture of  Destruction and  WAR



www.alfafoto.at  for more information      :)